Monday, March 19, 2012

Second Reproduction (Otome Game)

Just recently downloaded a PC otome game entitled:

Heee~ the art really attracted me. Thus, jaajaaang~
/*DOWNLOAD >w<*/ Hahaha~ At first, I really didn't expect much from this VN. Considering that I can conclude what the flow of the story would be and such. Wheew~ but even I have those in mind, it never
stopped me from playing this game.

So for anyone interested out there, you can download it at this site: second reproduction

  How to install:
1.) You get 3 .rar files and an english patch.

                                                *never mind the valentines day patch*
2.) Right click SR.part1 and extract. It will automatically extract files from part2 and part3. You'll end up having a SecondReproduction folder.
3.) Then extract the english patch. You'll have TSR Patch - English v0.99
4.) Place the TSR Patch - English v0.99 inside the  SecondReproduction folder.
  You should have something like this by now~
5.) Lastly, open the TSR Patch - English v0.99 folder. Inside it you can find the [English] The    Second Reproduction application. Double click this and the game is on~ XD

Hime-sama / Christina
-> You will play as this character and will be sent on a mission
by you 'beloved' mother.

Voice: I find the dubber's voice kawaii. >w< Heee~
It suits the princess' personality.

Traits: Strong, Stubborn, not-a-damsel-in-distress-type of princess (the opposite to be exact :p)

-> serves as the princess' knight and best friend
-> hmmmm, I think you already know what his relationship would be to the princess~
Nee?? :p
->  He may seem really soft at first but I love it when his mood suddenly changes then /explosion of emotions/. Kyaaa! <3

Voice: Gaaahh!! at first I find it a bit soft for him, but later I figured out why it should be that way~ Ahahaha!

Character Rating (based on my preferences ahehehe n_n'') 

-> Meet the Demon Lord of Deathryde. He is the last demon lord remaining 
and will be the next one to be ... >.<

-> Despite his looks, he may look like the bad guy, cruel and ruthless,
but he is the most kind being though he may have tendencies to be a player :p.
He is even willing to accept sins and accusations just for the good of all.
Huuu~ but the more kind he is, the more bad he'll become when something happens to someone he cares about. 

Character Rating (based on my preferences ahehehe n_n'') 

-> The demon Lord's right hand and current Prime Minister of Deathryde.

-> He is the type who seems happy-go-lucky but deep inside carries
a heavy burden. /*He is also a bit sadistic*/ Heeehee :3 and loves a bit of bondage.
Eheemm~ A BIT of bondage. >w< 

Only the first two guys are the main character of the story. I thought that I get to choose from those two only, but there's an extra character which is Jin. I thought his arc would be not that *WOW* but I was really really wrong~ Gaahhh!!
His attacks. Eheemmm. His moves were much more agressive than the other two. Hahaha. But what is difficult with him is his aloofness. Huuu :c Well the type leave-me alone-you-dont-have-anything-to-do-with-this type of guy. But he really is sweet.
Heee~ I love this part the most.                      
Character Rating (based on my preferences ahehehe n_n'') 

1.) In order to get a happy ending, buy in advance the following:
             1-> viagra (yeah, I know. But this is really on the game) - @ the shop. This would be needed by your sister and in return the Kingdom of Roland would be you ally.

             2-> 4 colored cols (I think~ n_n'') -  can be acquired @ the theatre in which you have to play as an    actress and say some few lines.

               3-> demon killer, tears of both sun and moon god /goddess, holy water - @ the shop
           /*Items 2 & 3 are for the man whose researching for a cure for girard disease he'll give you the output   once its finished. Then later on you would meet a man who has a girard disease and you'll give the cure to him, in return he'll become your ally.*/

              4-> GIFTS : Each person has their own preference for gifts. You can only give gifts to Lezette and Gardis. 
          For Lezette: Divine bird pendant - @ the shop
                                  Christina Doll - @ the toy shop
          For Gardis <not sure >.<'' inform me if i'm wrong>:
                                  Glades wine   - @ the shop
                                  Christina Doll - @ the toy shop

               5-> Tip for getting Jin. Remember I told you that he likes a bit of bondage? Then buy a rope @ the toy shop. He'll use it later~ Heee XDDD

               6-> When on round 2 and when you are not on Jin's route, you can find free items at the rose garden. Don't expect too much. It'll either be a doll or col.

//Got all of their happy ending plus Lezettes ED2. *sigh* I wanna get Gardis' other ending.
will work on it tonight XDD//

Ahhh. Here are some CG of the game~

Ja~ will post more updates as I gain progress on this game~ ^^v


  1. any new otome in english

  2. mine isnt starting but i did everything said here. when i click on the game its just black :(


    1. Don't open the 'sr' app.
      Go to TSR Patch - English v0.99 folder and open the [English] The Second Reproduction application

    2. my too. i did everything it say but it just blank

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  3. My game didn't start... Do you know what might have caused that?

    1. Really sorry for the late reply >.<
      Been busy with Thesis~

      Have you opened the application inside the TSR Patch - English v0.99??

  4. ohh i loved that game, i´m currently playing it, but it made me so sad with the final of gardis o there other final for him? i think i´m obsessed @@ thank you for your review.

    1. Aww~ I still didn't get the unhappy ending of Gardis Q_Q
      Yes, there is. The one where you'll end up happily with him ^w^

    2. If so please tell me how to get that ending cuz I did everything I could,followed the walkthrough,got love meter full to 100 but still didnt get the god end..plz help me out cuz the sad end made me...snif..:'(

  5. Why is the game appear in my computer is black it didn't show anything only black

  6. I've figured out the problem, we're all missing the srup03 file. I don't know what this does (since I don't have it), but it's keeping us from play. If you could please put it somewhere here, I'd greatly appreciate it so I could play! :)

  7. srup03 file :)

  8. aww the rar files dont work anymore :(

  9. which ending is the last CG from?

    1. it's from the 1st round ending

  10. 0.0 etoo, I forgot n_n''
    I'm gonna check the CGs~~

  11. What routes do you recommend to do first? Lezette is probably my favourite character so I want to do his route but other people have been saying to do Gardis' route, then Lezette's, and then Jin's. And also I'm not sure but... I want to use the walkthrough to get their good ends but then it doesn't seem as if like.. I don't know. It's like cheating, right? But I really want to get their good endings and I heard all the bad endings are really sad and urgh -flips table-. Thank you anyways for the links/how to download tutorial thingy... it'd be cool if you'd reply. xD

  12. Hmmm.. who's the guy you really like??
    Well when I'm playing these kind of games I usually get first those guys that I don't have much impression on and save the "Favored" :p guy for last. Hehehe XD

    I think all of the routes are unique for each chara~ so I think it really doesn't matter who you get first. I enjoyed each of their own route, even those bad endings - they really made me sad, bittersweet :p

  13. The website to download the files no longer work T_T
    Could you find a new link where we can download the game please.
    Thank you

  14. Try this link~ ^^

  15. any mac download???

  16. i am very upset! everything is added on correctly but the words, Can't open 'gloval.sav' for writing, keep showing up on my screen

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  18. Thanks for this blog! it's very helpful! :D
    by the way how many hours will it take you to finish the game?

  19. i can't download SecondReproduction.part3.rar – 62.4 MB can someone pls help me

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this game! This will be my first try at playing an otome game with voices. :)

  21. I got my downloads here:

  22. Thanks for the guide~! But oddly enough..when I run the English Patch, it keeps flashing white and black. and ends at black. Is that normal? =x

  23. me too!! it all went black only..:'(

  24. It's late but I guess it could help someone! Try this→

    I downloaded from here and it works well, I don't have that screen black anymore. The english patch is added too. It's a torrent file so you'll need to use bittorrent or an equivalent to play.

    For the rest I recommend to take a look at the instructions in the game folder! *sorry for my english I'm a native french*

  25. Hi I was wondering if you could help. So I followed the instructions the best I could and when I try to play the English patch, the screen is just black.

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  27. I did everything in the walkthrough and even got 100% love meter for Gardis but still didnt get the good end I tried twice but got the bad end :::>_<:::

  28. I downloaded it but the sound doesnt work, like completely. Everything else works just the sound

  29. How come there is no audio when I play the game?